In an Attempt to jumpstart and reinvigorate the comics market in Egypt, and advocate the legitimacy of comics as a medium for adults and youth alike, Marwan Imam and Mohamed Reda decided to found Division Publishing in early 2011 with the goal of spreading comics across Egypt and the middle east like wildfire, and soon after the world. Division Publishing is currently a member of AR Group, a leader in advertising, printing and multimedia solutions in Egypt.


Here at DP, we want to encourage the Egyptian community as a whole to see comics for what they are. Comics are not books with drawings and colors for children; in fact, there is a huge percentage of comics all around the world dedicated for adult literature. That's part of our mission: to get the Egyptian community to buy and read comics and appreciate the art and literature in them. The other part, the more important one too, is to encourage Egyptian artists and writers to submit their work and publish as many Egyptian comics as we can.

We aim at demonstrating the true potential of comics to the world, while providing an advantage to anyone who wants to be part of this medium to have a chance of having their voice heard.


Our first publication will be called Autostrade and it will be available on the 1st of July 2011, keep checking here and we will post the places where you could get your copy. We will also be releasing more products very soon so follow us on twitter or visit us again to stay updated.

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